No longer do I fear the isosceles triangle

No longer do I fear the isosceles triangle.

For the gal who really struggled with geometry in junior high school (yet jammed in algebra), it is really interesting that I have a propensity to photograph images of shapes in my work.  It’s not always blatant as an instructor during my CCAC days pointed out but even when I do portraits, there is a geometry to my pieces. Odd.

Will plan on posting some more of the aforementioned blatant, geometry-licious shots of  the Anish Kapoor installation (Marsyas) from 2002 at the Tate Modern as well as an images of the British Museum*  (excited to take some new shots of the Portrait Gallery in DC) and the Millenium Bridge. The last three all being designed by the architecture firm, Foster + Partners.

*this print I sold at the Cinco de Mayo show/fiesta


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