Holidaze, Local with Love and the Hirshhorn//shop local




Hi everyone:

So it’s been quite a year for One Sock On photography!

In the next week I have three holiday shows/markets:

Holidaze (runs Dec 4-23)

Local With Love (Dec 6th, 1p-4p)

WPA/Hirshhorn’s Holiday Pop-Up (Dec 5th and Dec 6th, 10a-530p both days)

In the spirit of this past weekend’s Small Business Saturday, I want to share what my friend and fella crafter/maker, Sarah of Hooked and Loopy said so beautifully:

“This year I am not going to buy STUFF for the holidays. I’m going to buy unique handmade GIFTS. Things that the people I give them to won’t immediately try to figure out how much they can get for them when they return them to the store. Something that I want a person to have, because it is special, because the person is special. GIFTS that become keepsakes. GIFTS that the person I give them to brags about getting. GIFTS made by awesome people I know, who put their souls into their products. GIFTS that say something about the relationship between me and the receiver — and not something about the percent off I got on the gift. I won’t buy as much, but I’ll be happier with what I buy. Because then the holidays aren’t about my obligations to the people I need to buy for, but instead are about my expressions of love and gratitude for the people I care about. And that’s the …elusive magic of the season. You can find awesome makers… at HOLIDAZE in Silver Spring, and other local spots.”

Finally,  I want to point out to folks the following:

  • all of my printer and packaging vendors employ people in the United States
  • my notecards are all printed on recycled paper
  • every photo you see was taken by me
  • most images were taken in DC Metro region
  • I hand designed and hand rolled each and every roll of wrapping paper
  • just this season I have packaged over 200 pieces of wrapping paper and over 175 notecards
  • my philosophy of having “art accessible to all” holds true as I price even my large pieces at reasonable rates.

Thank you for all of your support!











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