Mini Portait Sessions updates and more!

I have added many more slots to try to meet the demand for mini sessions this fall and one thing I like to point out is this: you don’t have to have kids to do sessions with me! I love meeting new people and their pets and every combination of what is considered a family! Mini Session signups!

Also, I am starting a personal project around ink. Yes, ink on your body. I actually don’t have any tattoos and I find it super interesting to hear the stories behind and image document people’s body art. So if you’re interested in being part of this project – let me know: 

And…some of you might have seen that I have finally restarted The Warm Fuzzy Project which assists children in traumatic and /or transitional situations. I started it back in 1998 when I lived in San Francisco when I worked as a contracts administrator for Catholic Charities. I had been on a site visit and noticed that there were no comfort items for the kids.  And long story short, I decided to start the program and so far we’ve helped over 1,000 kids, just by talking it up. I really believe in corporate social responsibility and teaching people to be philanthropic you don’t have to be wealthy and write big checks. There are so many ways to help. And it feels really good! 

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