Here’s the interview that I did for Creative Colony (where I co-work):



By Diane Park


This month’s organization spotlight is One Sock On Photography, LLC. One Sock On Photography is a portrait and fine art photography service in Silver Spring, MD. They also have a stationery line, printed on recycled paper. Since they began coworking with Creative Colony they have been active in the Creative Colony community and the Silver Spring community at large. We spoke with Jennifer Kline Vallina, creator of One Sock On Photography about how she runs her photography business.


Interview with Jennifer Kline Vallina, Owner

How long has your organization been in business?

I have been in business for almost 9 years.

How did your organization get started?

I have always loved taking photos (even was featured in Times Square with Kodak’s Picture of the Day with a photo I took in China). The business started when my daughter was about a year old. People in my neighborhood (in Silver Spring), had seen photos I took of her and asked if I would do photos of their family! I said sure…and the rest in history!

I know you guys had a Valentine’s Day kissing booth recently. What are some other events you guys host?

I just started doing indoor photo booths this fall because of Creative Colony! Before I was bound by weather (as I usually only shoot outdoors with natural light). I realized that I could teach myself lighting techniques and then have income during our colder winter months!). I also am very dedicated to philanthropic endeavors. In 2015 I hope to incorporate my “photo booth + philanthropy” set-up into more sessions. I pick a philanthropic organization each time and donate money from my fees collected that day. It also gives me a chance to help teach people about different ways they can help out in their communities.

Where was your organization located before you started coworking?

I worked from home and only shot photos on location. I don’t have a brick and mortar studio.

How has coworking changed your business?

It’s been nice to have the opportunity to hang out with other creatives, work on my back office duties in a mellow, organized environment, and I have been able to create this new photo booth model by renting out our conference room and building my custom sets.

What’s one thing about your organization that most people don’t know?

That I am a full-time stay at home parent and I am a sole proprietor. I am basically doing two full-time jobs! I run everything myself for One Sock On Photography, LLC! I built my own website, do my own marketing and PR, look for new business opportunities, and even keep up the art/gallery side of my business. I was picked to be one of the local artists featured at a brand new building in Takoma DC called Takoma Central. I will have two of my pieces on permanent display there. I also am a co-organizer of WINC ( — a networking group for women entrepreneurs.”